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Lea Tufford

Lea Tufford

Associate Professor

School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions
Sudbury Campus


Lea Tufford is Associate Professor in the School of Social Work. She received her PhD from the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work in 2012. She obtained her Master’s in Counselling Psychology from Liberty University. Lea has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Windsor, a Master of Arts in French literature from McMaster University, and a Bachelor of Arts in English and French literature also from McMaster University.

Lea was the 2011 recipient of the Society of Social Work Research (SSWR) Doctoral Fellows Award. Her dissertation research focused on the mandatory reporting of child maltreatment within social work and is featured in her book, Child Abuse and Neglect in Canada: A Guide for Mandatory Reporters (2019) published by Oxford University Press. Lea has direct practice experience as a psychotherapist with individuals, couples, families, and groups in community mental health, Employee Assistance Programs, and private practice.

Lea has taught social work at the undergraduate and graduate level in the areas of interviewing skills, ethics, assessment, substance use, neuroscience, child abuse and neglect, theoretical foundations of practice, and clinical work with individuals, couples, families, and groups. 


  • Research


    Social Work Education (Simulation-based Teaching, Critical Social Work, Social Justice, Trauma-informed, Field Education, Embodied Practice)

    Child Abuse and Neglect (Decision-making, Critical Race, Intersectionality, Mandatory Reporting, Legislation, Public Perceptions)

    Eco-social Work (Critical and Social Justice Explorations, Approach to Clinical Practice)

    Contemplative Practices (Mindfulness, Reflection, Compassion)


    Survey Research (Likert-scale, Panel, Qualitative)

    Qualitative Research (Individual Interview, Focus Group, Thematic Analysis, Content Analysis)

    Mixed-Methods Research

    Simulation-based Research (Standardized Clients, Objective Structured Clinical Examination, Holistic Competence)




              Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant (2022)

              Tufford, L. (PI)

             Jenney, A., & Dylan, A. (Co-Investigators)

              Preparing for Social Work Practice: Developing a Model of Holistic Competence for Field Instruction

               $150,372 CDN

    RBC Graduate Fellowship in Applied Social Work Research (2018)

    Katz, E. (PI)                                                                                     

    Tufford, L. (Co-Investigator)

    Developing a Model for Teaching the Competency of Reflection

    $10,000 CND

    Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight Grant (2018)

    Tufford, L. (PI)

    Lee, B., Wenghofer, E., & Bogo, M. (Co-Investigators)

             Evaluating decision-making and relationship competence when reporting suspected child abuse and neglect                                     $120,824 CND

    Human Resources Research Institute (2015)

    Tufford, L. (PI)

    Dylan, A. (Co-PI)

    Smallboy, B. (Collaborator)

    The HR Needs of Aboriginal People in Northern Ontario – Barriers and   Solutions

    $33,800 CND


    Laurentian University Research Fund (2017)

    Tufford, L. (PI)

    Katz, E. (Co-I)

             Exploring tools to strengthen the professional development of students studying social work: A mixed methods study                incorporating mindfulness training into course work

    $4,997.64 CND

    Laurentian University Research Fund (2015)

    Lightfoot, N. (PI)

    Tufford and others (Co-I)

    Who cares - the impact of mining-related lung cancer on caregivers in Sudbury?

    $4,985.84 CND

            Laurentian University Research Fund (2015)

            Tufford, L. (PI)

            Yorke, J., Bogo, M., and Katz, E. (Co-I)

            Evaluating Bachelor of Social Work Students Using the Objective Structured Clinical Examination

            $4,806.25 CND



    SWRK 5076 - Reading Seminar I 

    SWRK 5077 - Reading Seminar II

    If you are interested in doing an independent reading seminar please send me an email.

    SWRK 6004 - Thesis

    SWRK 6024 - Advanced Practicum

    If you are interested in having me as your first or second reader for your thesis or advanced practicum please send me an email.

    SWRK 5086 - Selected Methods of Direct Intervention

    SWRK 5016 - Advanced Social Work Practice I


    SWRK 2315 - Basic Intervention Skills in Social Work Practice

    SWRK 3727 - Social Work Practice with Groups

    SWRK 4436 - Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families

    SWRK 4915 - Integration Seminars for Social Work Practice

    SWLF 3806 - Child Abuse and Neglect

    SWLF 3736 - Critical Perspectives on Disability

    Field Instructor (3rd and 4th year research placements)

    Faculty Consultant (3rd and 4th year placements)



    Tufford, L., & Dylan, A. (Eds.). (forthcoming).  Trauma-informed Care in social work education: Implications for students, educators, field, and pedagogy. Routledge.

    Tufford, L. (2020). Child abuse and neglect in Canada: A guide for mandatory reporters.  Oxford University Press.


    Dylan, A., Cammaert, J., & Tufford, L. (accepted). Nutritional social work: An avenue for teaching about sustainability in social work education. In S. Hillock & M. Morgenshtern (Eds.). Greening Social Work Education: Caring Sustainability. University of Toronto Press.


         Shlonsky, A., Dennis, J. A., Devine, B., Tufford, L., Barlow, J., & Bjorndal, A. (2016). Mindfulness based parenting programs          for improving psychosocial outcomes in children from birth to age 18 and their parents. Cochrane Database of Systematic            Reviews, 11, Art. No.: CD012445.


         PUBLICATIONS - PEER REVIEWED (Student contributions are underscored) (from 2009 - present)

             Katz, E., Kirvan, A., Tufford, L., & Bogo, M. (online). Evaluating an embodied mindfulness approach to teach reflective               practice to MSW students: A mixed methods case study. Social Work Education: The International Journal.

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